E.T To Dallas?

Here are my quick thoughts.

Dallas is on a roll with a new habit of developing their own and paying them if they pan out. Kudos for sticking with rebuilding and getting younger via draft. The Cowboys remain competitive without making any huge blockbuster deals. Dallas’ very young secondary can really sting, showed a bit of youth with minor errors but indeed talented with tremendous potential.

Here is where Earl Thomas can help Dallas. Becomes a leader to this very young secondary while filling a void on the defense. Can help with the grooming process. The big question. How much is this going to cost? Is it worth Dallas deviating from their new successful blueprint and taking someone else’ superstar whom is on the right side of 30?

Cap space all the sudden seems to be getting brighter on the horizon but with Romo off the books soon, lets not forget, we must “feed Zeke” . I was referring to his bank account. Lets not forget the 2016 Rookie of the Year as well. What about D-LAW. This list is starting to grow. The evidence is out there in the open indicating Earl Thomas really wants a star on his helmet. Let’s just say that E.T will go as far as giving Dallas a discount. Just thinking out loud. Then we have to “Feed Seattle” whom is trying to high ball Dallas and rightfully so.

Many things are in play. 3 parties to satisfy and just can’t get on the same page. E.T can make our defense go up a few notches and elevate other player’s game. A few years ago, i believe a different Jerry would’ve quickly gave Seattle what they wanted for a player like Thomas. This time around, Dallas seems to be sticking with their guns and Seattle doesn’t have the luxury of waiting. E.T will soon be a free agent and may end up in Dallas anyways. He will be a young 30 in 2019.

I say do the deal Jones’ . Keep haggling. Deviate just this once. Take someone’s star player and let the young players pick his brain.